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WoBBLy's Poker Life

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Where to play?
  wobbly_au, Sep 24 2017

Hey guys,

Pokerstars wont serve aussies anymore
Where can I go and play some casual games?
1. good UI
2. low rake or good rakeback for low volume mid stakes.

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My statement on Ana situation.
  wobbly_au, Sep 22 2017

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Hi guys
  wobbly_au, Sep 14 2017

Hey LPers,

Hows everyone going? Couple of work friends invited me to play beer stakes at a home game so I thought of you.

Hows everyone doing?

I don't have a lot of time but for the people that use to follow this blog the TLDR is.

2 Kids
Went to work as a data scientist
Worked as PM for a listed company
Now founded my own company (Pre-Series A just closed)
SIgned a teenager (OG.ana) into professional esports, got scammed after he won a bunch of tournaments because he didn't want to pay my cut.

Life is a different kind of exciting now, but obviously I miss the excitement from highstakes poker.

If any of you want to connect or play some LP home games PM me.

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