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WoBBLy's Poker Life

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Good players
  wobbly_au, Oct 31 2017

Hey all,

If you're a good player and wont take offense or attack me for my political views please add me on skype wobbly_au if you want to discuss hands with me.

I've been playing 400nl to 2knl on some chinese sites and would like someone or a group of people to bounce ideas off.

If you want to be a cunt or be arrogant then dont bother adding me.

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Where to play?
  wobbly_au, Sep 24 2017

Hey guys,

Pokerstars wont serve aussies anymore
Where can I go and play some casual games?
1. good UI
2. low rake or good rakeback for low volume mid stakes.

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My statement on Ana situation.
  wobbly_au, Sep 22 2017

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