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WoBBLy's Poker Life

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  wobbly_au, May 11 2013


The previous post has been up for 24H and didnt get much interest. Only 5 people interested in some pieces of my self. Unfortunately the H component didnt get sold fast enough and didnt hit the quota I wanted to play.

The fact of the matter is, I really wanted to play the H events along side the M, as you know I have to wake up anytime between 1am-7am for these tournaments and I just dont see the point of waking up at 1am to play a $215 tournament with only me owning 50% of the winnings if I cant play the $2100 along side it.

If there are some serious stakers out there who still believes in me, try and contact me on skype to discuss. But as of now my plan is to play all of the M on my own dime, so atleast when I wake up in the dead of night it'll be somewhat worth it. But if there big interest in my H tourneys, specially juicy field ones like the Mainevent i'd be interested in selling up to 80% for those at a rate of 1.1:1.

My apologies to daut, solarM, Arostt and TJ.

TLDR: only want to sell action in M if I can actually play the H tournaments on the same day, and unfortunately there wasnt enough interest!

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2013 & SCOOP Stake
  wobbly_au, May 10 2013

EDIT Mate told me that the way I worded the bottom post could compromise the buyers in the event I win the first tourney i play and decide to play all the tourneys to reduce payout.. So i'm going to list all the tournaments I will most likely play. In the event I am sick or something comes up and I cant play it I will refund a % of the buyin you sent.

For the list of H tournaments I'll attempt to play (based on our much action i sell) I want to sell up to 90%
1 $2100
2 $2100
8 $1050
10 $2100
15 $700
17 $ 2100
20 $ 2100
21 $2100
22 $2100
29 $1050

Selling action at 1.1:1 (My your 1.1 for my 1)

Totalling $17500 1% = $192.5$ and 5% = $962.5

For the list of M tournaments I'll play. Only selling 50%
1 $215
2 $215
8 $109
10 $215
15 $82
17 $215
20 $215
21 $215
22 $215
29 $109
44 ME $ 1050

Selling action at 1.25:1 (Your 1.25 to my 1)

Totally $2855 1% = $35.69 5% = $178.44

So havent played too much poker due to family and the whole engagement thing. I'm also very busy with working on my whole website.

Anyway I have 50k hands on a computer in china, but I lost a bit with about 40 buysin behind ev there and 40 buysin behind ev again in this picture. Also been running terrible postflop, especially at 10/20 and 5/10, im basically only playing 2.5/5 and a bit of 200nl PLO till i get my roll back up.

Anyway, Im feeling real good albeit all this badluck hehehehe. I feel like my luck has hit bottom and its about to rebound and hopefully in a big way!

Anyways, im going to be play a bunch of NL games tourneys, selling M tourneys up to 50% at 1.25:1 and H tourneys up to 90% at 1.1:1.

As for which tourneys im playing, it will only be FR or 6max and wont be any rebuys. When ever I play will make an update here and I will verify and confirm that money received (marked how much $ for M and how much $ for H) before the start of the first event SCOOP 01 May 13st will buy a piece of what ever I play in the entire SCOOP series.

So for example, I receive $1,250 for M and $1,100 for H from LPBALLER and I end up playing $5,000 worth of M and $10,000 worth of H. LPBALLER will be getting 20% of ALL my M action this scoop and all 10% of all my H action this scoop.

Thanks for the faith guys, i'll bounce back

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She said yes. (Video)
  wobbly_au, Apr 12 2013

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